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Who are they, perfumes in usa for sale this group of young people generally marked by increased use and ease of familiarity with digital technology, media and communications? Are they app-friendly dreamers? Achievers? Peter Pan? Okay, this is a millennium world we are living in now, let's have a better look around. They are no longer children, and they have just recovered!

What happens when a Millennial takes things into their own hands, writes a  project,  gets funding, and develops their own perfume brand? Because she really really wants to do just that and shouldn't take for an answer? 27_87 Perfume Barcelona, ​​this is what happens:


Romi Kowalewski is the founder, 27_87 is the perfume Barcelona brand name, along with the date / year of his birth. She didn't reveal the month ("People don't know that well as my horoscope sign!", She laughs when she asks), but she simply smacks of her scents with a big, infectious smile. She speaks Why Barcelona? Among other reasons, (this is a beautiful city, vibrant, business-oriented, and great for living) - Puig is here… and for all other resources you have to start a perfume brand  perfumes in usa for sale  .

Millennials are also citizens of the world: born and raised in Rome, Germany, living and working in Spain, traveling regularly in Europe. I was fortunate to
perfumes for sale catch him during my short stay in Barcelona. We managed to grab a couple of freshly squeezed organic drinks, and bit the chit-chat:


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