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Juliette Has A Gun

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Romano Ricci presents the fifth fragrance of Juliette, Calamity J. That has a Gun collections that arrived on the market in November 2009. Calamity J. (Calamity Jane or Calamity Juliette) is a masculine fragrance that is dedicated to men and reflects their strong musky notes and stronger role in the society. Romano Ricci focused on a woody-amber composition, instead of the fruity floral notes that reminds of the dandy fragrances.Calamity J. are different from the first three fragrances of the collection that are based on rose. The perfume incorporates the notes as amber, patchouli, iris, and a strong tact of musk in a base. Its flacon is dark in colour and is painted with rose, thorn and leaves in pale nuances. The fragrance is available as 50ml and 100 ml EDT.