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Payment Policy

The payment methods available and currently available in Unicut stores are credit cards, visa and bank transfer on Unicut account.

All forms of credit card payments are subject to data validation and authorization checks by the card issuer. If the credit card issuer refuses to authorize the payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivery. We will cancel your order and may contact you to choose an alternative method of payment.

When you purchase with credit cards or other cards, you are asked for the name on the card, the card number, the verification number, the month and the effective date. If additional fees are charged, they will be shown to you on the payment page before finalizing the order.

The data on the credit card used for payment must match the exact credit card holder information that is registered with the card issuer. Payment will be approved and held when your order is placed and the amount will be debited from your account when Unicut has finished submitting your order. You also confirm that the credit card used is yours or that you have been specifically authorized by the credit card owner to use it.

Unicut store provides customers with the protection of credit card numbers thanks to the latest electronic security systems. No credit card data will be stored, sold to, displayed to or rented to any third parties except in connection with our online payment gateway service provider.

We use your personal information only for purposes related to fulfilling your requests and we do not disclose this information to any third party under any circumstances, and also our valued customers must comply with this policy, terms of use and other policies in the Unicut store, and this policy is subject to change or modification at any time without prior Warning, and the store management is not required to announce any updates to its terms and conditions.

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