Aigner |Man|2 By Etienne Aigner Etienne Concentrated Perfume Oil

Etienne Aigner

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Bottle of the new edition Aigner Starlight shines like a real star. It is made of glass and it seduces gently and elusively with its pale nuances, just like any star of the sky. Outside package is pale pink and accompanies the glass bottle perfectly.The house of Ethernet Aigner presents the new, luxury fragrance for women, Aigner starlight, in autumn 2008. It is very elegant and mysterious. Aigner is dedicated to ladies specially who radiates the elegance of new age,and is in style. Starlight lady is embodied with the aromas of bergamot, vegetable accords and pineapple juices. The heart encompasses jasmine, cumin, and strawberries. While the base notes introduces the patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood and white musk.