Aqua Fahrenheit  Christian Dior  Men Concentrated Perfume Oil

Christian Dior

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Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior Generic Oil Perfume is a new fiery refreshment from February 2011. It is a new fragrance, an explosive combination of fire and water elements. Aqua Fahrenheit is a masculine scent that presents a new kind of refreshment, and is basically dedicated to the freelancers or the adventurers whose spirit knows no boundaries. The start of composition signifies the water elements that takes the characteristics of fire. It opens with the lively Italian citruses, grapefruit and fresh tangerine. The heart comprises of: aromatic basil and mint. Base: notes of vet ire from Haiti and leather. Francois Demachy is the perfumer who signed the composition. The perfume bottle is elongated in shape, highlighted by the intense and fiery colour of orange and red. It is available in two forms, you can choose the either “ splash” form of classical colognes or the “spray”form.