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Christian Dior

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Dior Launched Fahrenheit Absolute fragrance on the occasion of 21st birthday of the Fahrenheit fragrance. This perfume is more intensive and darker than the original. The composition is stronger and more powerful, with the intensified popular aromas of the original.

The violet aroma is extremely emphasized, blended with noble aromas of myrrh, incense and Aoud. New fragrant juices are just as strong as the original ones, leaving an impression of an adventure that one seeks at the end borders of the world, walking down the hot ground besides the melted magma…

The bottle of the new Fahrenheit Absolute keeps the same form; with smoky fiery colored photographs of wild and untamed images of hot magma and water waves. Dior Fahrenheit Absolute perfume was launched in year 2009. The perfume is available in the bottles of 50 and 100 ml EDP. The perfumer behind this amazing fragrance is Francois Demachy.