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Alviero Martini

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Alviero Martini launched a new perfume for men named GeoBlack. The fragrance has an extreme, appropriate for adventurers. The perfume is coloured in black to make it more attractive for men.
The Top note of the GeoBlack contains juicy and pleasantly aromatic, mixing notes of pineapple, thyme and cinnamon from Ceylon. The Middle note of fragrance contains aromatic freshness of lavender, spicy accords of cardamom and a rich nuance of licorice. The base note of Alviero Martini GeoBlack contains gourmet notes of coffee and caramel, which go perfectly with musky and woody notes, such as cedar and sandalwood. The amazing design of the package, which is a traditional map, was also awarded with the prestigious awards, European FiFi and UK contest in year 2007.