Golden Boy   Dueto Parfums  Unisex Concentrated Perfume Oil

Dueto Parfums

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Golden Boy, a Leather fragrance for both women and men, is by Dueto Parfums. Golden Boy was launched in August 2011. Sonia Constant is the nose behind this fragrance. The Top notes are saffron and violet leaf; the middle notes are cedar, thyme, lavender and leather; while the base notes are vanilla, musk, incense and suede.‘GOLDEN BOY’ was the third launch of the urban perfume brand named DUETO PARFUMS. This aroma represents pure urban masculinity. Its dynamic blend of the ingredients like saffron, leather and suede. Its unique formula comprises of the most exotic spices on earth like cedar wood, saffron, leather, musk, suede and vanilla incenses that will lift you to heaven.