Muse De Rochas Women Concentrated Perfume Oil


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It is available as Eau de Parfum in quantities of 30, 50 and 100 ml.In early April 2011, a new perfume was introduced by the houses of Rochas named as Muse de Rochas. Jean The composition is floral, fresh, vivid, oriental, and lively. It is available in the aromas of fruits, greens of banana leaves, orange sap, peach, bergamot, mango etc. Typically for Rochas, white flowers are there in the heart, along with orange blossom, narcissus, cinnamon. The warm base of perfume is formed by Australian sandalwood, styrax, Amber, white musk and Madagascar vanilla. The crystal glass bottle is coloured in shades of purple, and is designed as the tribute to the Femme Rochas.Micheal Duriez, the in-house perfumer wanted to dedicate this fragrance to Marcel Rochas, the founder who gifted the very famous perfume Femme Rochas to his beloved wife Helene on the wedding day. Duriez described the perfume as “This perfume is hymn to creation and to muses that inspire”. For the ladies who wear perfume as a garment, Muse de Rochas is designed as such.