New York Oud- Bond N.9 Bond-No-9 Unisex Concentrated Perfume Oil

Bond No 9

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The Top notes of the perfume contains Red Plum, sweet but tart. The very same honey-like Saffron that Cleopatra tossed into her bath to enhance her lovemaking. Orange Zest: Who knew a citrus fruit could have so much fun? Heart notes - An emigre Oud, Green Card in hand, taking on the New World. A Red Rose bouquet with one resounding message—romance. Orris: The ladylike iris’s untamed alter ego. Patchouli, prowling the streets of New York in take-no-prisoners seduction mode. Base notes - Musk: simply put, the sensual smell of skin. Honey—partnering with musk for some animal sultriness. Earthy Vetiver—the designated driver, adding composure and stability.