Pure Oud By Kilian  Kilian  Unisex Concentrated Perfume Oil

By Kilian

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Periods and continents diverge to give birth to this new oriental collection. The “Arabian Nights” collection will be composed of 5 perfumes and 5 olfactive harmonies, all built around essential oils with strong symbolic values from the East: oud, rose, incense, amber and musk. PURE OUD is the first stopover on this olfactive trip.

Oud is an extremely rare and precious oil found in agarwood, the resinous heartwood of the aquilaria tree from southeast Asia. The oil itself is dark in coloration and has a complex scent, being warm and woody, yet strongly animalistic at the same time. In many Middle Eastern countries, oud is believed to be worth more than its weight in gold. To echo this belief, the Kilian bottle has a gold plaque engraved with the name of the perfume and the box is decorated with a gold plate on the top.

PURE OUD by Kilian was not composed as a literal translation of the oud oil in its purest form. Instead, it was composed as a contemporary interpretation of oud, for those who appreciate and value the richness of the fragrance note itself. In order to create this interpretation, Calice Becker has layered the oud’s oil with other essential oils such as cypriol oil, gaiac wood oil, copahu balm and saffron oil. In doing so, PURE OUD by Kilian takes on a gold coloration which seems only fitting given the symbolism of gold throughout the scents theme. The scent remains warm and woody yet evokes a sense of modernity and elegance. Only available in the 1.7oz spray, PURE OUD by Kilian is an invitation to discover the olfactive charm of the Middle East. Pure Oud was launched in 2009.