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The creators of the Silver Rain were inspired by the natural phenomenon that occurs in the mountains of Alps During spring season. Rain is transformed into ice crystals leaving a breathtaking beauty. In spring season the same melts and fall from a height of 1000 feet┬ْs approx, giving the appearance of ┬ôSilver Rain┬¤. The top notes are the citrusy, floral accord of verbena blossom,, dew red fruits, green apple, anise oil from Thailand and the bergamot from Calabria. The heart is of red rose petals, star magnolia, jasmine,vanilla, sandalwood and agarwood, tonka beans,heliotrope and mixture of different musk.Claude Dir is the creator of this perfume, and it was launched in 2004. There are several other editions of this perfume. Silver rain shimmer mist(2006), Silver rain brilliance, Silver rain cachette.