Tokyo Kenzo Men Concentrated Perfume Oil


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Tokyo Kenzo could be described as city lights at night. The Explosive yellow contains lemon, ginger essence and grapefruit. The Glittering green contains essence of shizo, and green tea. The Pulsating red comes from the note of red pepper and bitter orange. And the deep darkness from the cedar, note of Guaiac wood, cloves and nutmeg. The shape of bottle is same as other Kenzo bottles, and is redesigned by Kashiwa Sato. His first project in this field is Tokyo by Kenzo. He is also designer of the packaging and the advertisement campaign. Marie Salamange, created the perfume from company Firmenich. She was highly inspired by fresh spices, guaic notes and explosive green sap of cedar that she discovered in the atmosphere of Japan. It was launched in the year 2007. Marie Sakamange is the nose behind this fragrance.