Very Irresistible Givenchy Womenconcentrated Perfume Oils


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For their limited editions, Givenchy have chosen the best harvests– collection Givenchy Harvest, Givenchy Les Recoltes. During year 2010, four best harvests were selected –neroli, ylang ylang, Damascus rose and Sambac jasmine.These four excellent harvests makes the well-known composition of Amarige, Organza that is very Irresistible and Ange ou Demon even more opulent and alluring.For the third, very precious and high quality 2010. 12 million petals of Damascus rose were collected and were used for production of this fragrance. Givenchy Harvest 2010 Very Irresistible Rose Damascena, lures smiles with its fruity nuances with green accords, aromas of raspberry, and opulent floral bouquet. The fragrance is available as 60 ml EDP luxury package. Damascus rose decorated the editions from 2007 and 2009. Givenchy Harvest 2010 Very Irresistible Rose Damascena was launched in year 2011.